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GECon 2017

November 18, 2017- Gomel,BY

Join us in our E3 adventure:


GECon 2017

Let’s grow together!



 3 STREAMS       


20 EXPERTS       



WISH TO ATTEND   https://events.epam.com/events/gecon-2017



18 November 2017, 9:00-9:55

EPAM, Associate Human Resource Specialist   Victoria Kosheleva

EPAM, Human Resource Specialist   Aliaksandra Bashkintsava
EPAM, Associate Human Resource Specialist   Aliaksandra Chaikova
EPAM, Human Resource Specialist   Evgeny Kuzmichev



18 November 2017, 10:00-10:35

EPAM Belarus, Solution Architect  Andrei Kavaleu
EPAM Belarus, Senior Software Engineering Manager   Sergey Ageenko

SA Stand

18 November 2017, 10:00-18:00

EPAM Belarus, Solution Architect    Andrei Kavaleu


DEP Stand

18 November 2017, 10:00-18:00

EPAM Belarus, DevOps   Aliaksandr Kharkevich



18 November 2017, 10:00-18:00

EPAM Belarus, Senior Software Engineer    Aliaksandr Ramashou


Best ideas started in Garages: the heart of innovation

18 November 2017, 10:40-11:40


1. Garage Overview

2. Stress Wristband

3. Plan a Drilling with Hololens

4. Digital Twin

5. Formula E Virtual Experience

6. Drilling Rig Virtual Experience

7. Virtual Fitting Room

8. Holoportation

9. Making a Virtual Tour with three JS and webGL

EPAM Belarus, Project Manager   Andrey Medvedev
EPAM, Lead Software Engineer    Igor Erostenko

Hybris from the start to thousands orders : How business receives the success by small changes

18 November 2017, 10:40-11:40


1.Problem domain 
2.Hybris as a solution
3.Technical details
4.E-commerce projects experience

EPAM Belarus, Senior Software Engineer    Artur Belski

How to make our customer happy?

18 November 2017, 10:40-11:40


1.   Why  am I talking about it? 

2.  How can we make our customer happy 

3. Why should we do it 

4.  What should we do 

5. Conclusion 

6. Q&A

EPAM Belarus, Program Manager    Julia Rumyanceva

Lean architecture management

18 November 2017, 12:00-13:00


EPAM Belarus, Solution Architect    Andrei Kavaleu


7 myths of DevOps

18 November 2017, 12:00-13:00


During the session I will review the most popular myths of the DevOps (like the article Fix My DevOps) I will review the myths not only from heretical part but show how I proved of every myths to my team members and customer. The speech not very technical it is almost about process moment.

1 — Myth — DevOps is Only for Startups

2 — Myth — DevOps Replaces Agile: DevOps

3 — Myth — DevOps is incompatible with ITIL

4 — Myth — DevOps is Incompatible with Information Security and Compliance: The Compliance

5 — Myth — DevOps Means Eliminating IT Operations, or “NoOps”:

6 — Myth — DevOps is Just “Infrastructure as Code” or Automation

7 — Myth — DevOps is Only for Engineers

EPAM Belarus, Systems Engineering Team Leader     Viktar Vedmich

How to work with tech dept analysis

18 November 2017, 12:00-13:00


The speech belongs to the practical case of applying technical analysis of management and engineering processes. We will discuss the context of the project, the snapshot of the engineering and management processes, the issues existed in scope of the project and what proposal was done for improving the situation.

 1. Context of the case

2. Engineering conditions

3. Analysis context

4. How to organize development?


EPAM Belarus, Software Engineering Team Leader   Ivan Spresov

Digital Transformation with SAP

18 November 2017, 14:30-15:35


Head of EPAM SAP Delivery Center (Ala Lenskaya) will share how Digital Transformation era is being reflected in SAP world, how these changes relates to our day to day project life. Ala will share her vision on how we can help customer and transform our relationships from IT service provider into a right hand, IT partner and advisor. Which skills will help you to stay a high demand specialist for many years.

Anatol Kukel will share key points about SAP Leonardo which is more and more critical part of Digital Transformation.

 Iryna Kavalchuk will share EPAM experience in participation in SAP Coder contest using the cutting edge technologies.

EPAM Belarus, Senior Functional Consulting Manager    Ala Lenskaya
EPAM Belarus, Solution Architect    Iryna Kavalchuk
EPAM Belarus, Lead Consultant     Anatol Kukel

Building scalable application with CQRS and Event Sourcing

18 November 2017, 14:30-15:35


1) Problems of N-Tier Applications

2) Command and Query Responsibility Segregation

3) Event Sourcing

4) Samples


EPAM Belarus, Lead Software Engineer   Aliaksei Harshkalep

Mobile testing overview

18 November 2017, 14:30-15:35


I would like to share with you understanding what Mobile Application Testing is.
It will be some kind of beginner’s guide to mobile testing. I will tell about the importance of mobile testing, diversity of the mobile market, mobile application types, key mobile challenges, etc. It will guide you to mobile specific tests as well. We will talk a bit about devices, tools & related services that help to perform mobile testing, tips and tricks which can be useful when you are testing on a mobile device.

EPAM Belarus, Software Testing Team Leader / Resource Manager    Viktar Knyshau

eKIDS: Programming from the cradle

18 November 2017, 15:40-16:10


This talk is aimed to provide an understanding of Epam’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program “eKIDS”.

The reason this program was initialized-  interesting facts about students and trainers as well as future plans – everything is covered in this talk.


EPAM Belarus, Lead Software Engineer    Aliaksei Rabchanka

C++: a monster that no one likes but that will outlast them all

18 November 2017, 15:40-16:40


1. A bit of C++ evolution history.
2. Why C++ became popular and why C++ started to lose its popularity.
3. Why C++ is a Monster? If C ++ is a monster, then why does 4. someone need C++?
5. How to use C++ safely and efficiently?
6. Where and when C++ can be used. If it can…
7. Pressure to C++ from competitors. Real and imaginary.

Stiffstream, System Architect   Yauheni Akhotnikau

User acceptance testing: how it works

18 November 2017, 15:40-16:40


During the talk we’re going to cover what the UAT is about, why is it needed and how to make it efficient, also I’m going to share with you real UAT project experience and cover typical problems which can be faced during the process of UAT and how to deal with them. 

 1. Real project challenges in UAT

2. Consequences in production without UAT

3. User Acceptance Testing as an Idea

4. UAT: What, when, who & how?

5. Typical problems in UAT

EPAM Belarus, Business Analyst   Anastasiya Shmuratko

Learning English: the way to success

18 November 2017, 16:15-16:40


Mastering a language is not a talent. On the opposite, it’s something that we all can do. There are some insights to how anyone can achieve it. We will tell you how to overcome the Fear of speaking English, solve your listening problems and how to study English language effectively.


Career Path — My story in IT (real stories of growth). Discussion panel

18 November 2017, 17:00-17:55


EPAM Belarus, Training and Development Specialist    Aliaksei Burnosenka


High-volume data streaming in Azure

18 November 2017, 17:00-18:00


The session will be focused on solutions that require high-throughput ingestion & streaming of data in real-time. You’ll get familiar with different business uses-cases and architecture examples to get a common idea as well as understand the concepts of stream processing systems. Next, you’ll get deep insights into functional and non-functional capabilities of Azure Event Hub service to see how it fits into the whole picture. Moreover we’ll take a look how to leverage Azure CosmosDB for high-throughput streaming when Event Hub is not suitable by different reasons.

EPAM Belarus, Solution Architect    Aliaksandr Laisha

Security testing and Selenium tests: can you do one using the other?

18 November 2017, 17:00-18:00


1. Why web security matters  

2. OWASP and OWASP tools  

3. ZAProxy capabilities  

4. Integration with Selenium tests  

EPAM Belarus, Software Test Automation Engineer    Aliaksandr Haurylau
EPAM Belarus, Lead Software Engineer    Aliaksei Rabchanka


18 November 2017, 18:00-18:20


EPAM Belarus, Solution Architect    Andrei Kavaleu

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